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The Walhalla Log Cabin is a rustic, yet original log cabin nestled on the side of a hill, just as you enter Walhalla offering stunning views of the beautiful valley.

If your idea of a getaway is to step back in time then this is the place for you, it’s cosy, cute and charming and old world style. There is no 240 volt electricity so peace and quiet is the Walhalla Log Cabin.
The cabin is adequately ¬†lit with LED solar lighting, along with candles ¬†throughout the cabin. As one astute visitor wrote in the Guest Book, “if you like the bright lights, stay in Melbourne!” Bedside lights are solar too, as you might have to get up during the night to put another log on the fire in the stone open fireplace, and yes that is the only heating, however we supply lots of firewood!
The only dog friendly accommodation in Walhalla, yes, pets welcome indoors!
The perfect getaway for you and your dog.
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